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3 Steps To A Great Digital Impression

By Enza Capurso Enza Capurso

“Most people will judge you within the first second of meeting you and their opinion will most likely never change.”

Whether it’s a job interview, first date or meeting with a new client the first time you meet someone the stakes are high. And it’s no different in digital communications.

However, with digital communications, we don’t get the benefit of common elements in face-to-face impressions: your looks, how you sound, body language or the setting.

Image consultants, psychologists and communication experts all provide tips, which include basics like having good manners, personalizing communication and following through with your commitments.

We’ve narrowed down three top tips to help others remember you for the right reasons in your digital communications.

Be authentic

It is good to stand out, but people can see through inauthenticity and remember you are your brand. Ask yourself:

  • What are you trying to get across?
  • Show the unique you, but give consideration to the appropriate tone.
  • Being genuine is so important as most people can see through a fake compliment, which can cause more damage to the relationship than good.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes

  • Look to add value to the communication.
  • Understand another person’s needs correctly and helping them reach their goals is key to being remembered favourably.
  • Be observant and read in between the lines, or simply pepper the conversation with insightful questions.
  • Most people love to talk about themselves, so this should be easy.

Be engaging

Show you want to be in the moment and that you are appreciative of their time. Saying a simple thanks, paying a compliment or acknowledging their efforts or expertise will do just that. You can personalize the encounter by making it more social and asking after their family or weekend plans. When the interaction is favourable, a positive recognition is more likely. Forward an article, you think they would find interesting, invite them to a webinar on a shared topic of interest or suggest a blog they should follow.

With these tips, you can confidently go out into the social media landscape or your next email communication armed to make a great impression.

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Enza Capurso

Enza Capurso

Enza Capurso, 34 is a highly successful marketing professional. With over ten years experience working exclusively within the property industry, she currently serves as the Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for CharterHall, with previous management positions held at ING Real Estate, and the Property Council of Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and recently completed her Diploma in Digital Marketing with distinctions. Her area of expertise in guiding millennials sits firmly in brand and marketing.

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