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6 steps to achieve a higher status at work

By Aja Frost Aja Frost

A higher status at work means more power, better projects, stronger relationships, and of course, a higher chance at a promotion. Follow these steps to rising in the (social) ranks:

1. Ask for challenging work.

The simplest way of proving your worth is to take on a challenging task or project—and deliver an excellent result. Ask your boss for more opportunities, or keep alert during company meetings to get involved in new projects. Just make sure you’ve got a handle on your regular workload first!

2. Be reliable.

In theory, everyone knows the importance of following through on deadlines and commitments. But in practice, many people are turning their work in late and taking forever to respond to requests—you get the drill. If you make consistency one of your number one priorities and strive to keep your word in both trivial and important matters, you’ll develop a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability.

3. Stay visible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the most talented people in the office. If you jump in your car at 5:01 pm, eat lunch at your desk instead of with your colleagues and avoid work events like they’re death metal concerts, you barely exist. To respect and like you, your co-workers need to see you.

4. Show off your skills.

You should take every opportunity you can to demonstrate your greatest strength or area of excellence. If you’re an impressive public speaker, then tell your department you can present at the next company-wide meeting. If you’re a gifted writer, then ask the social media team if you can write a post on the corporate blog.

5. Praise others.

When you tell everyone what a great job Matthew did on the latest product launch, two things happen. First, your co-workers see you’re a team player, and gracious to boot! Second, Matthew is grateful for your kind words. In the future, he’s super likely to sing your praises—which will sound much more genuine than if you were to sing your own.

6. Participate in professional development.

If your company offers free courses, seminars, or conference tickets, you should look to take advantage of them. And if not, it doesn’t hurt to ask! Not only will this training make you better at your job, but also it will showcase your desire for continuous learning.

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Aja Frost

Aja Frost

By day, Aja is a senior at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California, and by night, she is a highly successful freelance writer and content strategist. Two years ago, she was writing for Cal Poly's student paper. Today her work is regularly featured on Forbes, Inc., Mashable, TIME, The Huffington Post, The Daily Muse, Newsweek and the Billfold just to name a few.

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