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Bring home the bacon

Bring home the bacon is a slick, fast-paced one day workshop built to help sales teams go out and acquire new customers while protecting their existing. As the old verse goes, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold.”

In today’s world, every industry faces increasing competition, and sales teams are continually re-working their pitch. It’s become vital to be one step ahead. Facilitated by Sarah Curnow, Founder of Young Einsteins with a 16-year career in banking this workshop guarantees results. Participants will learn first-hand the strategies Sarah employed to achieve substantial growth for her past employers. From funding $1bn in new business lending to winning new clients in droves to hunting for foreign exchange deals, she has walked the talk.

This interactive workshop will teach attendees valuable tactics to employ during their sales process that includes:

* Deal origination, how to get clients
* Making clients feel in control of the process
* Simple negotiation strategies
* Re-evaluating the word “No.”
* Balancing how to manage new and existing clients
* Deliver a pitch that’s impossible to reject
* Pipeline management
* Case study on a $500m deal

A course perfect for anyone in a sales or business development role, start-ups with a need to acquire customers and account managers facing pressure to hold onto to their current client base.

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