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We elevate the careers and wallets of Millennials everywhere.

Investing in young people and supporting them with their goals changes lives.

Welcome to Young Einsteins. 

Young Einsteins are in the business of ambition engaging school communities and organizations through experience-based seminars and rewarding memberships, each that drive money management and a career education agenda.

We also offer free resources for visitors to download and utilize to their benefit. Our career tools assist in learning practical, everyday skills needed to move a career forward and our money tools help millennials learn how to create a budget, stick with it, track their spending and understand their monthly net position.

Our goal is to elevate careers and wallets of millennials everywhere.

Einstein Memberships

Another exciting offer in our business is our Memberships. Directly created for millennials off the back of real-world experience, we introduced the concept of a Buddy because after all, two heads are better than one. Teenagers and Graduates can sign up for a Buddy which will help them learn how to cope with pressure, understand money and set short and long-term goals for success. Grads will also benefit from access to support for all job applications. The Money Buddy is a savvy way to help a young person learn how to take control of their finances so they can start turning small things into big things.

Building a career and your bank balance go hand in hand, and it takes time. By having an extra pair of hands helping you, you’ll be able to reach your end goal faster. All Memberships run for 12 months starting at $34.95.

Join here.

Read our Founders story here

Sarah Curnow is an accomplished leader and professional storyteller.

Starting her career at seventeen as a bank teller in Adelaide for BankSA, she joined the industry before its disruption. Ambitious and eager to learn, she quickly rose through the ranks and became the youngest Bank Manager for BankSA, shortly after her 21st birthday.

After moving to Sydney and working numerous years in management positions within Retail Banking, she transitioned to the Corporate Division at the Commonwealth Bank. Here during the Global Financial Crisis, Sarah’s mandate was to win new to bank customers by funding their entities growth plans. Her swansong was a $250m syndicated transaction deal that she originated and worked on for two years generating over $3m in revenue. It scored her a promotion to a senior leadership position at the age of 28. Based on the trading floor as Head of New Business Development she built a national sales team charged with winning foreign exchange clients. Post a successful stint; she moved into Business Strategy within Global Markets leading a $100m transformation project. During this time she found a passion for coaching and mentoring the graduate talent pool and delivered the keynote at the Women in Leadership Conference hosted each year by the bank.

At 32, Westpac appointed her as the Head of Priority Markets, a $200m sales team and 100+ staff. This role was a senior leadership position within Consumer Bank and catered to the needs of high net worth individuals such as Accountants, Lawyers, Judges, Surgeons and Sports and Entertainment stars.

In late 2015 she left banking after 16 years and launched Young Einsteins to teach young people how to prepare for their careers and develop a healthy relationship with money to avoid the pitfalls that too often arise without any financial education. Working with organisations graduate pools and students in school Sarah combines her working life experiences through the power of storytelling to offer motivational experiences that generate results.

As of 2018, Sarah balances her business while working for American Express as Head of Acquisitions for Australia and New Zealand and completing her Masters in Journalism.

Young Einsteins have featured in Adelaide Now, Women’s Agenda and The Australian. Sarah has personally coached and mentored talent from companies Capgemini, AMP Capital, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, St George Bank, IBM, Foodco and FoxSports.


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