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When you develop young talent, you advance the world.

Young people make up the worlds largest-ever generation, and investing in them ensures that they can optimally contribute to their communities and nations in the future.

Welcome to Young Einsteins. 

Young Einsteins is a career development company in the business of ambition. We help organizations achieve business goals through developing leaders and strengthening skill-sets within talent pools. In conjunction, we work directly with individuals who want to advance their career.
Our services assist in learning practical, everyday skills needed to move a career forward.

Companies can hire us to deliver a program that solves a current business need, and we work to achieve the desired results. The benefit of recruiting Young Einsteins to facilitate training and development demands is that we adopt a singular focus, preventing the in-house risk leaders face in the day to day role of a leader with an enormous workload.  Helping ambitious individuals find meaning in their work, develop new skills, become great managers and leaders, and experience increased success is where we specialize. This strategy guarantees employers will benefit from higher productivity levels as staff return more motivated to drive results.

Each month we send out a newsletter jam-packed with valuable insights, strategies, and career techniques to motivate young people and companies to invest in their future leaders and focus on continuous improvement.

Anyone can subscribe for free and receive a copy of our most popular career guide ‘The First-Time Managers Rulebook.’

Einstein Memberships

Another exciting offer in our business is our Memberships. Directly created for individual talent off the back of real-world experience, our membership packages provide access to a Mentor to assist career beginners in securing a graduate job. Additional offerings help talent navigate challenges as well as offering performance and feedback analysis, practical tools to develop new skills, building daily habits for long term success and much more.

Big careers are our jam and gaining a mentor can increase a salary by $5-$22k per year. All Memberships span 12 months starting at $129.95 making it an affordable start to career investment. (and we will work to secure our members a pay-rise)

Join here.

Read our Founders story here

Sarah Curnow | Founder

Sarah’s 16-year banking career began immediately after graduating from high school. A fast learner with a curious mindset, Sarah worked her way from the ground up, diversifying her skillset and pivoting many times to earn leadership positions within retail, corporate, institutional and trading floor businesses. She has extensive experience in management, becoming a people leader at the age of 21 for Bank of South Australia, which was the youngest Branch Manager ever appointed. 

At 35, some of her other career highlights include funding over $250m in A-grade property acquisitions during the Global Financial Crisis, leading a foreign exchange sales team on the trading floor of Australia’s largest Bank at 28 to most recently running a $250m business with balance sheet assets of more than $12bn.

Equally a talented entrepreneur. Sarah founded Young Einsteins during the midst of her blossoming career. With years of practice in working with young people and reflecting on her start in the corporate world, she wanted to play a more active role in harnessing young talent and working with organizations to develop great leaders who will shape their companies future.

Sarah applies a strong focus and commitment to coaching and mentoring with her clients operating in multiple industries through the following brands: Deutsche Bank, Commonwealth Bank, AMP Capital, Capgemini, Target, Property Council of Australia, Woolworths and Westpac.

Sarah and Young Einsteins have featured in The Australian, Women’s Agenda, and Adelaide Now. 

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